Egypt Ebooks

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Egypt as a Woman: Nationalism, Gender, and Politics ebook cover
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Tutankhamun: The Untold Story ebook cover
$14.85 $17.99
Bonaparte in Egypt ebook cover
A History of Egypt 2ed ebook cover
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Nurturing the Nation ebook cover
$28.60 $34.95
British Victory in Egypt, 1801: The End of Napoleon's Conquest ebook cover
Naguib Mahfouz: The Pursuit of Meaning ebook cover
Nationalism and Post-Colonial Identity: Culture and Ideology in India and Egypt ebook cover
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Omdurman ebook cover
$7.60 $8.99
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Quick Spanish Law Enforcement ebook cover
$16.60 $19.95
The First Islamist Republic: Development and Disintegration of Islamism in the Sudan ebook cover
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Pearson's Prize ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
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Making Cairo Medieval ebook cover
$32.85 $40.50
George Clooney and the Crisis in Darfur ebook cover
Ending Empire in the Middle East ebook cover
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Historical Dictionary of the Sudan ebook cover
$131.20 $167.00
Their Second Republic: Islamism in the Sudan from Disintegration to Oblivion ebook cover
The Book of the Kings of Egypt (Routledge Revivals): Vol II: Dynasties XX - XXX ebook cover
The Book of the Kings of Egypt (Routledge Revivals): Vol. I: Dynasties I - XIX ebook cover
Egyptian Literature (Routledge Revivals): Vol. I: Legends of the Gods ebook cover
The Pasha's Bedouin: Tribes and State in the Egypt of Mehemet Ali, 1805-1848 ebook cover
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Canada in Sudan: War Without Borders ebook cover
$13.00 $16.99
New Perspectives on Safavid Iran: Empire and Society ebook cover
The Battle for the Arab Spring ebook cover