English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh Ebooks

The Wildness Pleases: The Origins of Romanticism ebook cover
James Joyce's World ebook cover
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Ollam: Studies in Gaelic and Related Traditions in Honor of Tomas " Cathasaigh ebook cover
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Dorothy Wordsworth's Ecology ebook cover
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Heterodox Shakespeare ebook cover
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Robert Louis Stevenson and the Great Affair: Movement, Memory and Modernity ebook cover
Illegitimacy and the National Family in Early Modern England ebook cover
Domesticity Dissent Seventeenth C ebook cover
The Human Satan in Seventeenth-Century English Literature: From Milton to Rochester ebook cover
Salom: A tragedy in one act ebook cover
The Poetics of Literary Transfer in Early Modern France and England ebook cover
Narrative Developments from Chaucer to Defoe ebook cover
Writing Wales, from the Renaissance to Romanticism ebook cover
Thomas Killigrew and the Seventeenth-Century English Stage: New Perspectives ebook cover
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Borrowed Imagination: The British Romantic Poets and Their Arabic-Islamic Sources ebook cover
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The Challenge of Periodization: Old Paradigms and New Perspectives ebook cover
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R S Thomas: Serial Obsessive ebook cover
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Whose People?: Wales, Israel, Palestine ebook cover
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Dirt in Victorian Literature and Culture: Writing Materiality ebook cover
Arguments for a Theatre (4th edition) ebook cover
Dialect and Literature in the Long Nineteenth Century ebook cover
Wordsworth's Vagrants: Police, Prisons, and Poetry in the 1790s ebook cover
Poetics of the Incarnation: Middle English Writing and the Leap of Love ebook cover
Writings of Exile in the English Revolution and Restoration ebook cover