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The Cambridge Companion to John Ruskin ebook cover
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Multiliterate Ireland: Literary Manifestations of a Multilingual History ebook cover
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Shakespeare and the Spanish Comedia ebook cover
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Contested Masculinities ebook cover
Shakespeare and Classic Works in the Classroom ebook cover
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Utopian Geographies and the Early English Novel ebook cover
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Cities of Affluence and Anger: A Literary Geography of Modern Englishness ebook cover
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Biblical Paradigms in Medieval English Literature ebook cover
Samuel Beckett and the Philosophical Image ebook cover
The Frightened Land ebook cover
Postcolonial Nostalgias: Writing, Representation and Memory ebook cover
Joyce's Finnegans Wake: The Curse of Kabbalah: Volume 2 ebook cover
Romantic Periodicals and Print Culture ebook cover
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Literary Research and British Modernism: Strategies and Sources ebook cover
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Literary Research and the Victorian and Edwardian Ages, 1830-1910: Strategies and Sources ebook cover
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The Renaissance Epic and the Oral Past ebook cover
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The French Revolution Debate and the British Novel, 1790-1814 ebook cover
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Animal Encounters: Contacts and Concepts in Medieval Britain ebook cover
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Reconsidering Biography: Contexts, Controversies, and Sir John Hawkins's Life of Johnson ebook cover
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Modern Antiques: The Material Past in England, 1660-1780 ebook cover
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Literary Knowing in Neoclassical France: From Poetics to Aesthetics ebook cover
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Poetic Sisters: Early Eighteenth-Century Women Poets ebook cover
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Richard Brinsley Sheridan: The Impresario in Political and Cultural Context ebook cover
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Dead Masters: Mentoring and Intertextuality in Samuel Johnson ebook cover
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