English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh Ebooks

The Romantics Reviewed ebook cover
Robinson Crusoe ebook cover
The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of London ebook cover
Barbarous Antiquity: Reorienting the Past in the Poetry of Early Modern England ebook cover
Stylistic and Narrative Structures in the Middle English Romances ebook cover
The Regal Phantasm (Routledge Revivals): Shakespeare and the Politics of Spectacle ebook cover
Writing the Reader: Configurations of a Cultural Practice in the English Novel ebook cover
Oliver Twist ebook cover
Oscar Wilde ebook cover
William Thackeray: The Critical Heritage ebook cover
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Acting in the Night: Macbeth and the Places of the Civil War ebook cover
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Representing Mixed Race in Jamaica and England from the Abolition Era to the Present ebook cover
Heart of Darkness ebook cover
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A Designer's Log: Case Studies in Instructional Design ebook cover
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Finding God in The Lord of the Rings ebook cover
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Doubled Plots: Romance and History ebook cover
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The Complicity of Friends ebook cover
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Chronicling Trauma: Journalists and Writers on Violence and Loss ebook cover
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Orwell: Life and Art ebook cover
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Andrew Marvell's Liminal Lyrics: The Space Between ebook cover
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Reading Christopher Smart in the Twenty-first Century: "By Succession of Delight" ebook cover
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Romantic Poems, Poets, and Narrators ebook cover
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Animal Bodies, Renaissance Culture ebook cover
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Frances Burney and Narrative Prior to Ideology ebook cover
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