English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh Ebooks

William Maginn and the British Press: A Critical Biography ebook cover
John Lowin and the English Theatre, 1603-1647 ebook cover
Thomas Killigrew and the Seventeenth-Century English Stage: New Perspectives ebook cover
Shakespeare and Immigration ebook cover
Ovidian Bibliofictions and the Tudor Book ebook cover
Christopher Smart's English Lyrics: Translation in the Eighteenth Century ebook cover
Antiformalist, Unrevolutionary, Illiberal Milton: Political Prose, 1644-1660 ebook cover
Christopher Marlowe at 450 ebook cover
The Inarticulate Renaissance: Language Trouble in an Age of Eloquence ebook cover
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The Sky of Our Manufacture: The London Fog in British Fiction from Dickens to Woolf ebook cover
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Dirt in Victorian Literature and Culture: Writing Materiality ebook cover
Transforming Work: Early Modern Pastoral and Late Medieval Poetry ebook cover
Fleshly Tabernacles: Milton and the Incarnational Poetics of Revolutionary England ebook cover
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Spectacular Suffering: Witnessing Slavery in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic ebook cover
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Children's Fantasy Literature ebook cover
The Farthing Poet: A Biography of Richard Hengist Horne 1802-84: A Lesser Literary Lion ebook cover
Romanticism and Ideology: Studies in English Writing 1765-1830 ebook cover
The Idea of Infancy in Nineteenth-Century British Poetry: Romanticism, Subjectivity, Form ebook cover
Robert Browning: A Collection of Critical Essays ebook cover
Arguments for a Theatre (4th edition) ebook cover
Affections of the Mind ebook cover
Masculinity and the English Working Class: Studies in Victorian Autobiography and Fiction ebook cover
Coleridge and the Armoury of the Human Mind: Essays on his Prose Writings ebook cover
Gender and Utopia in the Eighteenth Century: Essays in English and French Utopian Writing ebook cover