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Espionage in British Fiction and Film since 1900: The Changing Enemy ebook cover
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Chastity in Early Stuart Literature and Culture ebook cover
Animals and Other People: Literary Forms and Living Beings in the Long Eighteenth Century ebook cover
Reconnecting Aestheticism and Modernism: Continuities, Revisions, Speculations ebook cover
Routledge Revivals: The Shakespearean Metaphor (1990): Studies in Language and Form ebook cover
Routledge Revivals: William Shakespeare: The Anatomy of an Enigma (1990) ebook cover
Routledge Revivals: The Progress of Romance (1986): The Politics of Popular Fiction ebook cover
Routledge Revivals: Literary Fat Ladies (1987): Rhetoric, Gender, Property ebook cover
Narrating Friendship and the British Novel, 1760-1830 ebook cover
The Self and It: Novel Objects in Eighteenth-Century England ebook cover
Anonymous Life: Romanticism and Dispossession ebook cover
Dark Nights, Bright Lights: Night, Darkness, and Illumination in Literature ebook cover
Symbolism 15: [Special Focus - Headnotes, Footnotes, Endnotes] ebook cover
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The Johnson Circle: A Group Portrait ebook cover
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Routledge Revivals: Ethnomethodological Studies of Work (1986) ebook cover
African Literatures in English: East and West ebook cover
The Destruction of Jerusalem in Early Modern English Literature ebook cover
Transcultural Memory and Globalised Modernity in Contemporary Indo-English Novels ebook cover
The Unsung Artistry of George Orwell ebook cover
The Romantics and the May Day Tradition ebook cover
The Culture of Equity in Early Modern England ebook cover
The Effective Protagonist in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel ebook cover
The Ashgate Research Companion to Thomas Lovell Beddoes ebook cover
The Doctor in the Victorian Novel: Family Practices ebook cover