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Literary Research and British Postmodernism: Strategies and Sources ebook cover
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James Thomson's The Seasons, Print Culture, and Visual Interpretation, 1730-1842 ebook cover
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Citizens of the World: Adapting in the Eighteenth Century ebook cover
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Introducing Joyce: A Graphic Guide ebook cover
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Harrying: Skills of Offense in Shakespeare's Henriad ebook cover
Communities in Fiction ebook cover
Misfit Forms: Paths Not Taken by the British Novel ebook cover
Lyric Apocalypse: Milton, Marvell, and the Nature of Events ebook cover
The Storm at Sea: Political Aesthetics in the Time of Shakespeare ebook cover
Reading with John Clare: Biopoetics, Sovereignty, Romanticism ebook cover
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Dramatic Extracts in Seventeenth-Century English Manuscripts ebook cover
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Visions of an Unseen World: Ghost Beliefs and Ghost Stories in Eighteenth Century England ebook cover
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Impassioned Jurisprudence: Law, Literature, and Emotion, 1760-1848 ebook cover
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Shakespeare Survey 68 ebook cover
The Pleasures of Memory: Learning to Read with Charles Dickens ebook cover
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Genesis B and the Comedic Imperative ebook cover
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The Regal Phantasm (Routledge Revivals): Shakespeare and the Politics of Spectacle ebook cover
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At Work in the Early Modern English Theater: Valuing Labor ebook cover
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Silas Marner ebook cover
The Destruction of Jerusalem in Early Modern English Literature ebook cover
Diasporas of the Mind: Jewish and Postcolonial Writing and the Nightmare of History ebook cover
Confessions of Faith in Early Modern England ebook cover
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Charles Williams: Alchemy and Integration ebook cover
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Made Flesh: Sacrament and Poetics in Post-Reformation England ebook cover