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The Plague Epic in Early Modern England: Heroic Measures, 1603-1721 ebook cover
Rhyme's Reason: A Guide to English Verse, Fourth Edition ebook cover
Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Critical Heritage Volume 2 1834-1900 ebook cover
The Moment I Am Gone ebook cover
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Hunting the Unicorn: A Critical Biography of Ruth Pitter ebook cover
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Starlit Dome - Wilson Knight ebook cover
Poets Of Action - Wilson Knight ebook cover
Lord Byron - Wilson Knight V1 ebook cover
Unnoticed in the Casual Light of Day: Phillip Larkin and the Plain Style ebook cover
Chaucer's Cultural Geography ebook cover
She, this in Blak: Vision, Truth, and Will in Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Ciseyde ebook cover
Will There Really Be a Morning? ebook cover
Not Without Glory: The Poets of the Second World War ebook cover
Selected Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt ebook cover
John Clare: Selected Poetry and Prose ebook cover
Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes: John Milton: Twentieth Century Perspectives ebook cover
Gerard Manley Hopkins: The Critical Heritage ebook cover
George Herbert: The Critical Heritage ebook cover
Lord Alfred Tennyson: The Critical Heritage ebook cover
Out of Darkness ebook cover
Home from the Crowds (and Other Christmas Poems) ebook cover
Sanctuary: Poems by Martyn Halsall ebook cover
36 Exposures: Poems for life, love, people, and places ebook cover
William Shakespeare's Sonnets: With linked Table of Contents ebook cover