Environmental Economics Ebooks

The Human Capacity for Transformational Change: Harnessing the collective mind ebook cover
Climate Change Adaptation Manual ebook cover
Economic Development and Political Action in the Arab World ebook cover
Living with Environmental Change: Waterworlds ebook cover
Toward a New Climate Agreement: Conflict, Resolution and Governance ebook cover
Human Security and Natural Disasters ebook cover
Sustainability Appraisal: A Sourcebook and Reference Guide to International Experience ebook cover
International Climate Change Law and Policy ebook cover
International Aid and the Making of a Better World: Reflexive Practice ebook cover
Handbook of Forest Resource Economics ebook cover
Celebrity Advocacy and International Development ebook cover
The Rice Economy of Asia ebook cover
Energy, Foresight, and Strategy ebook cover
Evaluating Environment in International Development ebook cover
The Anthropology of Climate Change: An Integrated Critical Perspective ebook cover
Urban Growth in Emerging Economies: Lessons from the BRICS ebook cover
Land Solutions for Climate Displacement ebook cover
Resource Accounting for Sustainability Assessment ebook cover
Confronting Land and Property Problems for Peace ebook cover
The Broken Promise of Agricultural Progress: An Environmental History ebook cover
Socio-Economic Insecurity in Emerging Economies: Building new spaces ebook cover
Transdisciplinary Sustainability Studies: A Heuristic Approach ebook cover
Low Carbon Transitions for Developing Countries ebook cover
Determining the Economic Value of Water: Concepts and Methods ebook cover