Environmental Economics Ebooks

International Climate Change Law and State Compliance ebook cover
Reconstructing Sustainability Science: Knowledge and action for a sustainable future ebook cover
Transformative Sustainable Development: Participation, reflection and change ebook cover
The U.S. Oil Supply Revolution and the Global Economy ebook cover
$4.11 $4.50
Climate Change Finance and International Law ebook cover
A History of Technology and Environment: From stone tools to ecological crisis ebook cover
Gender, Power and Knowledge for Development ebook cover
Rawls and the Environmental Crisis ebook cover
Brazil in the Anthropocene ebook cover
Rural Development and Urban-Bound Migration in Mexico ebook cover
Physical Limits to Economic Growth ebook cover
The Real Cost of Cheap Food ebook cover
Urban Ecology: A Natural Way to Transform Kids, Parks, Cities, and the World ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
Sustainability for Healthcare Management: A Leadership Imperative ebook cover
Sustainability in Project Management ebook cover
Cross-Border Resource Management ebook cover
$173.90 $185.00
Aquanomics: Water Markets and the Environment ebook cover
Water Sheikhs and Dam Builders: Stories of People and Water in the Middle East ebook cover
America's Water and Wastewater Crisis: The Role of Private Enterprise ebook cover
Spiritual Capital: A Moral Core for Social and Economic Justice ebook cover
Our Uncommon Heritage: Biodiversity Change, Ecosystem Services, and Human Wellbeing ebook cover
Environmental Markets, A Property Rights Approach ebook cover
$29.90 $38.95
Statistical Applications for Environmental Analysis and Risk Assessment ebook cover
$32.20 $41.95
Green Energy Economies: The Search for Clean and Renewable Energy ebook cover