Environmental Policy Ebooks

Climate Change, Migration and Human Rights: Law and Policy Perspectives ebook cover
Environmental History of Modern Migrations ebook cover
Economic Valuation of Biodiversity: An Interdisciplinary Conceptual Perspective ebook cover
China: Tackle the Challenge of Global Climate Change ebook cover
Cultures of Prediction in Atmospheric and Climate Science ebook cover
Energy Policy in China ebook cover
Climate Change and Gender in Rich Countries: Work, public policy and action ebook cover
Man vs. Nature ebook cover
Agriculture Non-Point Source Pollution Control ebook cover
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Renewable Energy: Physics, Engineering, Environmental Impacts, Economics and Planning ebook cover
Philosophy of Ecology ebook cover
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The Organization of Global Negotiations: Constructing the Climate Change Regime ebook cover
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Environmental Protection Policy and Experience in the U.S. and China's Western Regions ebook cover
$66.80 $83.50
Why We Argue About Climate Change ebook cover
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Human and Environmental Security: An Agenda for Change ebook cover
From Kyoto to the Town Hall ebook cover
Global Warming and Social Innovation: The Challenge of a Climate Neutral Society ebook cover
The Solar Economy: Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Global Future ebook cover
Engaging the Public with Climate Change: Behaviour Change and Communication ebook cover
Sustainable Adaptation to Climate Change ebook cover
America's Climate Problem: The Way Forward ebook cover
The Climate Bonus: Co-benefits of Climate Policy ebook cover
Environmentalism ebook cover
Acid Rain in Europe: Counting the cost ebook cover