Environmental Policy Ebooks

Land Change Science, Political Ecology, and Sustainability: Synergies and divergences ebook cover
Carbon Politics and the Failure of the Kyoto Protocol ebook cover
Governance for Justice and Environmental Sustainability ebook cover
The Amenity Value of the Global Climate ebook cover
Critiquing Sustainability, Changing Philosophy ebook cover
The Global Politics of Pesticides: Forging consensus from conflicting interests ebook cover
Climate Change Cooperation in Southern Africa ebook cover
International Investment and Climate Change: Energy Technologies for Developing Countries ebook cover
Planetary Economics ebook cover
Coping with Population Challenges ebook cover
The Politics of Knowledge and Global Biodiversity ebook cover
Contesting Hidden Waters: Conflict Resolution for Groundwater and Aquifers ebook cover
Acid Rain in Europe: Counting the cost ebook cover
Routledge Handbook of Science, Technology, and Society ebook cover
Green Activism in Post-Socialist Europe and the Former Soviet Union ebook cover
Regional Energy Initiatives: MedReg and the Energy Community ebook cover
Nuclear Energy Safety and International Cooperation ebook cover
Climate Change Adaptation in Africa: An Historical Ecology ebook cover
The Economic Implications of Climate Change in Britain ebook cover
Cases in Climate Change Policy: Political Reality in the European Union ebook cover
Habitat Conservation Planning: Endangered Species and Urban Growth ebook cover
Power Failure: The Inside Story of Climate Politics Under Rudd and Gillard ebook cover
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The short guide to environmental policy ebook cover
Achieving environmental justice: A cross-national analysis ebook cover