Environmental Policy Ebooks

Climate Change and Food Security: Africa and the Caribbean ebook cover
Sustainable Investing: Revolutions in theory and practice ebook cover
Grassroots Environmental Governance: Community engagements with industry ebook cover
Resilience, Environmental Justice and the City ebook cover
The Politics of Fresh Water: Access, conflict and identity ebook cover
Transdisciplinary Journeys in the Anthropocene: More-than-human encounters ebook cover
Brazil in the Anthropocene ebook cover
Branching Out, Digging In: Environmental Advocacy and Agenda Setting ebook cover
International Organizations and Environmental Protection ebook cover
Climate Choices: How Should We Meet the Challenges of a Warming Planet ebook cover
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Water, Peace, and War: Confronting the Global Water Crisis ebook cover
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Economic Growth and Development in Africa: Understanding trends and prospects ebook cover
The Politics of Green Transformations ebook cover
Human Rights and the Food Sovereignty Movement: Reclaiming control ebook cover
Global Trends in Land Tenure Reform: Gender Impacts ebook cover
Culture, Development and Petroleum: An Ethnography of the High North ebook cover
The Urban Climate Challenge: Rethinking the Role of Cities in the Global Climate Regime ebook cover
Integrating Climate Change Actions into Local Development ebook cover
Modelling Long-term Scenarios for Low Carbon Societies ebook cover
Global Food Security Governance ebook cover
Development-Induced Displacement and Resettlement ebook cover
Water, Power and Identity: The Cultural Politics of Water in the Andes ebook cover
Global Ecologies and the Environmental Humanities: Postcolonial Approaches ebook cover
Theory and Practice in Heritage and Sustainability: Between past and future ebook cover