Environmental Policy Ebooks

Environmental Security: Approaches and Issues ebook cover
Car Country: An Environmental History ebook cover
Nature for Sale: The Commons versus Commodities ebook cover
Transition to Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Economies in Asia ebook cover
Environmental Justice ebook cover
Preference Data for Environmental Valuation: Combining Revealed and Stated Approaches ebook cover
A Handbook of Climate Change and India: Development, Politics and Governance ebook cover
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Reforming Federal Land Management: Cutting the Gordian Knot ebook cover
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Risk, Language, and Power: The Nanotechnology Environmental Policy Case ebook cover
$63.25 $79.00
Into the Woods: The Battle for Tasmania's Forests ebook cover
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Refounding Environmental Ethics: Pragmatism, Principle, and Practice ebook cover
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Enforcement at the EPA: High Stakes and Hard Choices, Revised Edition ebook cover
The Climate Diet: "How You Can Cut Carbon, Cut Costs, and Save the Planet" ebook cover
Climate Policy Changes in Germany and Japan: A Path to Paradigmatic Policy Change ebook cover
How to Live a Low-Carbon Life: The Individual's Guide to Stopping Climate Change ebook cover
Climate Change and Globalization in the Arctic ebook cover
Emissions Trading and Competitiveness ebook cover
Climate Change and Agriculture in Africa: Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies ebook cover
The National Politics of Nuclear Power: Economics, Security, and Governance ebook cover
Surviving the Century: Facing Climate Chaos and Other Global Challenges ebook cover
Climate Change: Financing Global Forests: The Eliasch Review ebook cover
Protecting the Ozone Layer: The United Nations History ebook cover
Climate Change and Social Ecology: A New Perspective on the Climate Challenge ebook cover
Adapting Cities to Climate Change ebook cover