Environmental Policy Ebooks

China's Role in Reducing Carbon Emissions ebook cover
Aid Performance and Climate Change ebook cover
Hairy Hippies and Bloody Butchers: The Greenpeace Anti-Whaling Campaign in Norway ebook cover
Environmental Security in Latin America ebook cover
The Governance of Urban Green Spaces in the EU: Social innovation and civil society ebook cover
Governing the Coastal Commons: Communities, Resilience and Transformation ebook cover
Understanding Trust in Government ebook cover
Knowledge Production, Area Studies and Global Cooperation ebook cover
Climate Change, Migration and Human Rights: Law and Policy Perspectives ebook cover
Environmental History of Modern Migrations ebook cover
Economic Valuation of Biodiversity: An Interdisciplinary Conceptual Perspective ebook cover
China: Tackle the Challenge of Global Climate Change ebook cover
Cultures of Prediction in Atmospheric and Climate Science ebook cover
Energy Policy in China ebook cover
Climate Change and Gender in Rich Countries: Work, public policy and action ebook cover
Routledge Handbook of Environmental Policy in China ebook cover
Man vs. Nature ebook cover
The Race to Protect Our Most Important Natural Resource: Water ebook cover
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Traditions and Trends in Global Environmental Politics ebook cover
Agile Energy Systems: Global Distributed On-Site and Central Grid Power ebook cover
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Nuclear Waste Politics: An Incrementalist Perspective ebook cover
Risk Conundrums: Solving Unsolvable Problems ebook cover
The Nature State: Rethinking the History of Conservation ebook cover
The EU, US and China Tackling Climate Change: Policies and Alliances for the Anthropocene ebook cover