Epistemology Ebooks

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Desert and Virtue: A Theory of Intrinsic Value ebook cover
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Selections from Science and Sanity ebook cover
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Come Along: We Are Truth-Bound ebook cover
$34.80 $42.99
Bertrand Russell's Theory of Knowledge ebook cover
Contrastivism in Philosophy ebook cover
The Management of Mentoring: Policy Issues ebook cover
Epistemology in Classical India: The Knowledge Sources of the Nyaya School ebook cover
An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth ebook cover
Epistemology Modalized ebook cover
Education, Epistemology and Critical Realism ebook cover
On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason ebook cover
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The Invention of Africa: Gnosis, Philosophy, and the Order of Knowledge ebook cover
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A Custodian of Grammar: Essays on Wittgenstein's Philosophical Morphology ebook cover
$28.45 $34.99
Personal Epistemology and Teacher Education ebook cover
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Dialogues on Relativism, Absolutism, and Beyond: Four Days in India ebook cover
$19.65 $24.00
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Berkeley: Ideas, Immateralism, and Objective Presence ebook cover
$67.95 $85.00
Marx's Practical Materialism: The Horizon of Post-Subjectivity Philosophy ebook cover
$32.35 $37.00
Cause and Effect, Conditionals, Explanations ebook cover
$19.55 $21.95
The Existence of God: A Philosophical Introduction ebook cover