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Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Cosmopolitan Ideals ebook cover
Discourse, Dictators and Democrats: Russia's Place in a Global Process ebook cover
One Nation Britain ebook cover
Parties, Elections and Electoral Contests: Competition and Contamination Effects ebook cover
Coercion, Cooperation, and Ethics in International Relations ebook cover
Debating the End of Yugoslavia ebook cover
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Blogothon: Reflections and Revelations from the News Dissector ebook cover
$14.05 $16.99
Cultures of Democracy in Serbia and Bulgaria: How Ideas Shape Publics ebook cover
Entrepreneurship in the Polis: Understanding Political Entrepreneurship ebook cover
Rational Politics: Decisions, Games, and Strategy ebook cover
Living with HIV and Dying with AIDS ebook cover
Local Politics, Global Impacts: Steps to a Multi-disciplinary Analysis of Scales ebook cover
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Radical Conflict: Essays on Violence, Intractability, and Communication ebook cover
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Griffith Review 52: Imagining the Future ebook cover
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Morpheus Unchained: Remembrances of a Future Dream ebook cover
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Racketeers of Europe: A Political Travelogue ebook cover
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Essays on Some Unsettled Questions of Political Economy ebook cover
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Manifesto of Common Sense ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
The Democratic Soul: A Wilson Carey McWilliams Reader ebook cover
The American Illness: Essays on the Rule of Law ebook cover
The Essential Thoreau ebook cover
The Selected Essays of Henry David Thoreau: With linked Table of Contents ebook cover
Formal Theories of Politics: Mathematical Modelling in Political Science ebook cover
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Culture and Liberty: Writings of Isabel Paterson ebook cover
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