European Ebooks

Letters to a Young Poet ebook cover
Rewriting Franco's Spain: Marcel Proust and the Dissident Novelists of Memory ebook cover
$62.95 $85.00
Suspended Sentences: Three Novellas ebook cover
Expectation: Philosophy, Literature ebook cover
Don Quixote: The Re-accentuation of the World's Greatest Literary Hero ebook cover
$70.15 $95.00
A Pedagogy of Observation ebook cover
$70.15 $95.00
Journeying ebook cover
Stael's Philosophy of the Passions: Sensibility, Society and the Sister Arts ebook cover
$38.40 $47.50
The Fat Woodworker ebook cover
Elsa Morante's Politics of Writing ebook cover
$36.00 $44.50
The Complete Literary Works of Lorenzo de' Medici, "The Magnificent" ebook cover
Let's Explore Italy (Most Famous Attractions in Italy): Italy Travel Guide ebook cover
Let's Explore Germany (Most Famous Attractions in Germany): Germany Travel Guide ebook cover
Public Intellectuals and Nation Building in the Iberian Peninsula, 1900-1925 ebook cover
$69.45 $94.00
Naming the Rose: Essays on Eco's 'The Name of the Rose' ebook cover
$69.30 $75.00
A Warsaw Chronicle ebook cover
$5.80 $6.99
Routledge Revivals: Buddhist Stories (1913) ebook cover
Rural Revisions of Golden Age Drama: Performance of History, Production of Space ebook cover
$59.70 $80.50
Writing the Americas in Enlightenment Spain ebook cover
$66.55 $90.00
"Holy Deadlock" and Further Ribaldries ebook cover
Worlds of Hungarian Writing: National Literature as Intercultural Exchange ebook cover
$63.30 $85.50
Ex-Centric Migrations ebook cover
$7.55 $9.99
The Origins of the Literary Vampire ebook cover
$52.80 $71.00
A Tale of Two Cities: A Story of the French Revolution ebook cover