Evaluation Ebooks

Exam Stress?: No Worries! ebook cover
Planning and Assessment in Higher Education: Demonstrating Institutional Effectiveness ebook cover
Ethnography Essentials: Designing, Conducting, and Presenting Your Research ebook cover
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How to Use Standards in the Classroom ebook cover
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Instructional Strategies for Middle and Secondary Social Studies
Methods, Assessment, and Classroom Management
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Managing Human Resources and Collective Bargaining ebook cover
$24.15 $29.99
Emerging Practices in International Development Evaluation ebook cover
Writing to Prompts for Success on the Test ebook cover
Enhancing Learning and Teaching Through Student Feedback in Social Sciences ebook cover
Student Feedback ebook cover
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10 Models of Teacher Evaluation: The Policies, The People, The Potential ebook cover
$35.15 $43.99
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Burning Cash: How Costly Public School Failures have Charred the American Dream ebook cover
$33.60 $41.99
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Awaken the Learner: Finding the Source of Effective Educatioin ebook cover
$18.40 $23.99
Breeze Through Your Exams: Tips and Techniques to Pass the Test ebook cover
$7.80 $8.95
From Testing to Productive Student Learning ebook cover
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The Purposes, Practices, and Professionalism of Teacher Reflectivity ebook cover
$51.60 $64.99
Advancing Methodologies to Support Both Summative and Formative Assessments ebook cover
High-Stakes Testing: Coping With Collateral Damage ebook cover
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Memory at Work in the Classroom:: Strategies to Help Underachieving Students ebook cover
$21.80 $26.99
Developing Effective Educational Experiences through Learning Analytics ebook cover
Great Expectations: What Kids Want From Our Urban Public Schools ebook cover
Teacher Evaluation Policies and Practices in Japan: How performativity works in schools ebook cover
Educational Technology Program and Project Evaluation ebook cover
Teaching Peace Through Popular Culture ebook cover