Evolution Ebooks

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Species: A History of the Idea ebook cover
$28.25 $34.95
Curiosity and Information Seeking in Animal and Human Behavior ebook cover
Animal Models in Light of Evolution ebook cover
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Not by Design: Retiring Darwin's Watchmaker ebook cover
$28.25 $34.95
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Laws, Theories, and Patterns in Ecology ebook cover
$28.25 $34.95
Democratic Authority: A Philosophical Framework ebook cover
On the Origin of Species: By Means of Natural Selection, 6th Edition ebook cover
$3.49 $3.99
Evolution and Development ebook cover
$193.65 $204.00
Natural Acts: A Sidelong View of Science and Nature ebook cover
Born to Be Good: The Science of a Meaningful Life ebook cover
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Animate Earth: Science, Intuition, and Gaia ebook cover
$20.20 $25.00
Everyday Survival: Why Smart People Do Stupid Things ebook cover
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Islands in the Cosmos: The Evolution of Life on Land ebook cover
$23.95 $33.99
Cognitive Evolution: The Biological Imprint of Applied Intelligence ebook cover
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Planet Eris and the Global Warming ebook cover
$7.95 $11.00
Introduction to the unicist ontology of evolution ebook cover
$18.90 $20.00
The unicist ontology of evolution ebook cover
$55.15 $60.00
Axial Character Seriation in Mammals ebook cover
Life in the Universe: The Abundance of Extraterrestrial Civilizations ebook cover
Sperm Biology: An Evolutionary Perspective ebook cover
$86.20 $90.95
Modelling the Flying Bird ebook cover
$90.80 $95.95
Origin and Evolution of Viruses ebook cover
$176.35 $190.00
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Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century ebook cover
$13.35 $16.95
Adaptation and Natural Selection: A Critique of Some Current Evolutionary Thought ebook cover