Fluid Dynamics Ebooks

Incompressible Flow ebook cover
Essential Computational Fluid Dynamics ebook cover
Rarefied Gas Dynamics: Fundamentals for Research and Practice ebook cover
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics: Theory and Selected Applications ebook cover
Small Scale Processes in Geophysical Fluid Flows ebook cover
Instrumentation for Fluid Particle Flow ebook cover
$233.70 $255.00
Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics '95 ebook cover
$314.00 $345.00
Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics '93: New Trends and Advances ebook cover
Particles at Fluid Interfaces and Membranes ebook cover
$364.00 $400.00
Godunov-type Schemes: An Introduction for Engineers ebook cover
$180.80 $195.00
Non-Invasive Monitoring of Multiphase Flows ebook cover
$395.80 $435.00
Impinging Streams: Fundamentals, Properties and Applications ebook cover
$259.70 $285.00
Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual: Construction, Design Fabrication and Examination ebook cover
$101.00 $106.95
Managed Pressure Drilling: Modeling, Strategy and Planning ebook cover
$112.90 $119.95
Thermal Science ebook cover
$95.60 $103.00
Flow Networks ebook cover
$94.50 $99.95
Rheology of Foods ebook cover
Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Matter ebook cover
Compressibility, Turbulence and High Speed Flow ebook cover
$211.80 $230.00
Viscoelastic Structures: Mechanics of Growth and Aging ebook cover
Industrial Biofouling ebook cover
$246.75 $270.00
Analysis of Turbulent Flows with Computer Programs ebook cover
$117.55 $125.00
Laminar Flow and Convective Transport Processes ebook cover
$88.95 $93.95
Unified Non-Local Theory of Transport Processes: Generalized Boltzmann Physical Kinetics ebook cover
$233.70 $255.00