Fluid Dynamics Ebooks

Working Guide to Reservoir Rock Properties and Fluid Flow ebook cover
$90.80 $95.95
Worked Examples in Nonlinear Continuum Mechanics for Finite Element Analysis ebook cover
Multiphase Flow Analysis Using Population Balance Modeling: Bubbles, Drops and Particles ebook cover
$140.30 $150.00
Entropic Invariants of Two-Phase Flows ebook cover
$185.25 $200.00
Recent Developments in Cavitation Mechanisms: A Guide for Scientists and Engineers ebook cover
$185.25 $200.00
Introduction to Plasmas and Plasma Dynamics ebook cover
$131.25 $140.00
Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2006: Parallel Computing and its Applications ebook cover
$171.85 $185.00
Advances in Applied Mechanics ebook cover
$208.15 $220.00
The Third Body Concept: Interpretation of Tribological Phenomena ebook cover
$201.80 $213.00
Deep Convection and Deep Water Formation in the Oceans ebook cover
Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics 2005: Theory and Applications ebook cover
$194.15 $210.00
Boundary Layer Flow over Elastic Surfaces ebook cover
$131.25 $140.00
Environmental Fluid Dynamics ebook cover
$85.25 $89.95
Fluid Dynamics of Oil Production ebook cover
$124.85 $133.00
Solid/ Liquid Separation: Principles of Industrial Filtration ebook cover
$304.95 $335.00
Hydrostatic and Hybrid Bearing Design ebook cover
Rotating Fluids in Engineering and Science ebook cover
Finite Element Techniques for Fluid Flow ebook cover
Basic Fluid Mechanics ebook cover
Thermofluid Modeling for Energy Efficiency Applications ebook cover
$140.30 $150.00
Cold Spray Technology ebook cover
$207.40 $225.00
Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics ebook cover
$264.05 $290.00
Ship Hydrostatics and Stability ebook cover
$94.50 $99.95
Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics '99 ebook cover
$180.80 $195.00