Folklore & Mythology Ebooks

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Power and Influence: Self-Development Lessons from African Proverbs and Folktales ebook cover
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The Haunted South: Where Ghosts Still Roam ebook cover
$11.65 $14.99
Fairy Tale as Myth/Myth as Fairy Tale ebook cover
$21.95 $25.00
Nahuat Myth and Social Structure ebook cover
The Bear and His Sons: Masculinity in Spanish and Mexican Folktales ebook cover
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The House That Sugarcane Built: The Louisiana Burguires ebook cover
$29.80 $40.00
Folklore by the Fireside: Text and Context of the Tuscan Veglia ebook cover
The Last Cannibals: A South American Oral History ebook cover
The British Traditional Ballad in North America ebook cover
Folklore Methodology: Formulated by Julius Krohn and Expanded by Nordic Researchers ebook cover
Metaphysical Community: The Interplay of the Senses and the Intellect ebook cover
The Roman Goddess Ceres ebook cover
Poor Pearl, Poor Girl!: The Murdered-Girl Stereotype in Ballad and Newspaper ebook cover
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Maithil Women's Tales: Storytelling on the Nepal-India Border ebook cover
$23.25 $30.00
Supplement to the Handbook of Middle American Indians, Volume 3: Literatures ebook cover
Myth in Primitive Psychology ebook cover
Bluenose Magic ebook cover
Exit Toward Post-Stalinism ebook cover
China's Universities and the Open Door ebook cover
The Asian Dilemma in United States Foreign Policy ebook cover
Sea Tales South Beach Miami ebook cover
The Collected Sicilian Folk and Fairy Tales of Giuseppe Pitr ebook cover
Tiivistelma ebook cover
South African Folk Tales ebook cover