Folklore & Mythology Ebooks

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Dark Woods, Chill Waters: Ghost Tales from Down East Maine ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
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Lake Monster Mysteries: Investigating the World's Most Elusive Creatures ebook cover
$20.45 $24.95
Haiti, History, and the Gods ebook cover
$28.00 $31.95
Imagining Robin Hood: The Late Medieval Stories in Historical Context ebook cover
Circus Philosophicus ebook cover
$6.00 $6.99
Misogyny: The Male Malady ebook cover
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Chosen Tales: Stories Told by Jewish Storytellers ebook cover
$28.45 $34.99
Australian Legendary Tales ebook cover
New England Legends and Folk Lore ebook cover
Kentucky Folklore ebook cover
Bloody Mary in the Mirror: Essays in Psychoanalytic Folkloristics ebook cover
$114.25 $125.00
R. Caldecott's Picture Book - No. 1 - Containing the Diverting History of John Gilpin, the House That Jack Built, an Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog, ebook cover
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MADNESS AT THE GATES OF THE CITY: The Myth of American Innocence ebook cover
$8.10 $9.99
Postmodern Fairy Tales: Gender and Narrative Strategies ebook cover
Enemy, Cripple & Beggar: Shadows in the Hero's Path ebook cover
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In Search of Authenticity: The Formation of Folklore Studies ebook cover
$12.60 $14.95
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The Hidden Church of the Holy Graal ebook cover
$4.09 $4.95
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Unsolved Texas Mysteries ebook cover
$13.25 $15.99
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How about Demons?: Possession and Exorcism in the Modern World ebook cover
$8.00 $9.99
Roots of a Region: Southern Folk Culture ebook cover
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Ritual and Belief: Readings in the Anthropology of Religion ebook cover
$54.60 $68.00
Hans Andersen's Stories - Illustrated by Jennie Harbour ebook cover
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Storytelling on the Northern Irish Border: Characters and Community ebook cover
$8.00 $9.99
Hansel & Grethel & Other Tales By The Brothers Grimm - Illustrated by Arthur Rackham ebook cover