Food Science Ebooks

A Complete Course in Canning and Related Processes ebook cover
$216.20 $235.00
Advances in Food and Beverage Labelling: Information and Regulations ebook cover
$242.40 $265.00
Managing and Preventing Obesity: Behavioural Factors and Dietary Interventions ebook cover
$255.40 $280.00
Dietary Supplements in Health Promotion ebook cover
Fats and Oils: Formulating and Processing for Applications, Third Edition ebook cover
$199.05 $209.95
Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering - 4 Volume Set ebook cover
$1,725.65 $1,851.00
Handbook of Dairy Foods and Nutrition, Third Edition ebook cover
Food Insecurity and Public Health ebook cover
Flavonoids: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Applications ebook cover
$329.50 $353.00
Green Vegetable Oil Processing: Revsied First Edition ebook cover
$123.95 $132.00
Crop Production and Crop Protection: Estimated Losses in Major Food and Cash Crops ebook cover
$264.05 $290.00
Rapid Detection of Food Adulterants and Contaminants: Theory and Practice ebook cover
$94.50 $99.95
Antimicrobial Food Packaging ebook cover
$185.25 $200.00
Encyclopedia of Food Grains ebook cover
$1,724.70 $1,850.00
Peanuts: Genetics, Processing, and Utilization ebook cover
$162.90 $175.00
Vine and Wine Economy ebook cover
The Science of Grapevines: Anatomy and Physiology ebook cover
$140.25 $149.95
Standard Fabrication Practices for Cane Sugar Mills ebook cover
Food Science and Human Nutrition ebook cover
The Sea Cucumber Apostichopus japonicus: History, Biology and Aquaculture ebook cover
$167.30 $179.95
Food, Energy, and Water: The Chemistry Connection ebook cover
$140.30 $150.00
Foods and Dietary Supplements in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease in Older Adults ebook cover
$140.30 $150.00
Colour Additives for Foods and Beverages ebook cover
$229.35 $250.00
A Complete Course in Canning and Related Processes ebook cover
$229.35 $250.00