Forensic Science Ebooks

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To Be a Crime Scene Investigator ebook cover
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Forensic Dental Evidence: An Investigator's Handbook ebook cover
Terrorism: An Investigator's Handbook ebook cover
Bio Privacy ebook cover
Developments in Handwriting and Signature Identification in the Digital Age ebook cover
Implementing a Gender-Based Arts Program for Juvenile Offenders ebook cover
Alternate Light Source Imaging: Forensic Photography Techniques ebook cover
Forensic Testimony: Science, Law and Expert Evidence ebook cover
Postmortem Fingerprinting and Unidentified Human Remains ebook cover
Dictionary of Forensic Psychology ebook cover
Conducting Network Penetration and Espionage in a Global Environment ebook cover
Handbook of Police Administration ebook cover
Police Corruption and Police Reforms in Developing Societies ebook cover
Global Information Warfare: The New Digital Battlefield, Second Edition ebook cover
Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal Medicine ebook cover
$1,991.35 $2,100.00
Interviews and Interrogations: Butterworth's Library of Investigation ebook cover
Understanding White-Collar Crime: A Convenience Perspective ebook cover
Munchausen by Proxy and Other Factitious Abuse ebook cover
Forensic Medicolegal Injury and Death Investigation ebook cover
Homicide: A Forensic Psychology Casebook ebook cover
Delivering Police Services Effectively ebook cover
Bearing Witness to Change: Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Practice ebook cover
Intimate Partner Violence: Effective Procedure, Response and Policy ebook cover
Principles of Fire Behavior, Second Edition ebook cover