Former Soviet Republics Ebooks

Sur le Chemin du Socialisme ebook cover
L'U.R.S.S. Aujourd'hui et Demain ebook cover
Measures of Maturity: My Early Life ebook cover
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Yaroslaw's Treasure: A Novel ebook cover
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Life Exposed: Biological Citizens after Chernobyl ebook cover
Asiatic Russia ebook cover
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Keeping Faith with the Party: Communist Believers Return from the Gulag ebook cover
$17.65 $22.99
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A History of Women in Russia: From Earliest Times to the Present ebook cover
$19.15 $24.99
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Russia's People of Empire: Life Stories from Eurasia, 1500 to the Present ebook cover
$22.85 $29.99
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War, Evacuation, and the Exercise of Power ebook cover
$74.85 $94.99
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Solidarity: The Great Workers Strike of 1980 ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99
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One More 'Lost Peace'?: Rethinking the Cold War After Twenty Years ebook cover
$24.95 $30.99
The Romeo Initiative ebook cover
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Triangles, Symbols, and Constraints ebook cover
$38.30 $47.99
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The A to Z of Belarus ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99
Mao, Stalin and the Korean War: Trilateral Communist Relations in the 1950s ebook cover
The Bear Went Over the Mountain: Soviet Combat Tactics in Afghanistan ebook cover
Popular Television in Eastern Europe During and Since Socialism ebook cover
Physical Culture and Sport in Soviet Society ebook cover
In Search of Lost Meaning: The New Eastern Europe ebook cover
$31.90 $36.95
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Vitebskii ebook cover
$6.35 $9.00
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Stalin and the Turkish Crisis of the Cold War, 1945-1953 ebook cover
$42.25 $52.99
Crisis in Kirkuk: The Ethnopolitics of Conflict and Compromise ebook cover
Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers of the Baikal Region, Siberia ebook cover