France Ebooks

Jeanne D'Arc: her life and death ebook cover
Experiences of a Bandmaster ebook cover
Scarabs The History, Manufacture and Symbolism of the Scarab¦us in Ancient Egypt, Phoenicia, Sardinia, Etruria, etc. ebook cover
Before and after Waterloo Letters from Edward Stanley, sometime Bishop of Norwich (1802; 1814; 1816) ebook cover
A German Pompadour Being the Extraordinary History of Wilhelmine van Gr¤venitz, Landhofmeisterin of Wirtemberg ebook cover
The Psychology of Revolution ebook cover
Complete Memoirs of Napoleon ebook cover
The Wind from the East ebook cover
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Unruly Spirits: The Science of Psychic Phenomena in Modern France ebook cover
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Poverty, Charity, and Motherhood: Maternal Societies in Nineteenth-Century France ebook cover
$31.20 $40.50
The Virgin of Chartres: Making History through Liturgy and the Arts ebook cover
Murder in the Mtro: Laetitia Toureaux and the Cagoule in 1930s France ebook cover
$16.75 $18.95
Organizing for War: France, 1870-1914 ebook cover
$21.85 $24.95
Twenty Years After ebook cover
The Jews and the Nation ebook cover
Science and Polity in France: The End of the Old Regime ebook cover
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Memoirs of the Court of Marie Antoinette: Queen of France ebook cover
$5.40 $6.99
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Composing the Citizen: Music as Public Utility in Third Republic France ebook cover
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The History of A Crime: The Testimony of An Eye-Witness ebook cover
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The A to Z of French Cinema ebook cover
$32.05 $39.99
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De Broglie's Armada: A Plan for the Invasion of England, 1765-1777 ebook cover
$26.50 $32.99
Unceasing Strife, Unending Fear ebook cover
Before the Deluge ebook cover
Treating the Trauma of the Great War ebook cover
$21.85 $24.95