French Ebooks

The Cambridge Companion to Baudelaire ebook cover
Literature and Material Culture from Balzac to Proust ebook cover
Rousseau, Judge of Jean-Jacques: Dialogues ebook cover
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Saint-exupery: A Biography ebook cover
Marcel Proust's Search for Lost Time: A Reader's Guide to The Remembrance of Things Past ebook cover
Monsieur Proust's Library ebook cover
The Age of the Poets: And Other Writings on Twentieth-Century Poetry and Prose ebook cover
Nature Stories ebook cover
I Promise to Be Good: The Letters of Arthur Rimbaud ebook cover
Shakespeare's Montaigne: The Florio Translation of the Essays, A Selection ebook cover
A Critical History of French Children's Literature ebook cover
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The Star, the Cross, and the Crescent ebook cover
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History's Place: Nostalgia and the City in French Algerian Literature ebook cover
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The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of Paris ebook cover
The Lancelot-Grail Cycle: Text and Transformations ebook cover
Sea of Silk: A Textile Geography of Women's Work in Medieval French Literature ebook cover
Postwar Renoir: Film and the Memory of Violence ebook cover
The Hidden God ebook cover
Amorous Games: A Critical Edition of Les Adevineaux Amoureux ebook cover
Mourning Glory: The Will of the French Revolution ebook cover
Evolution, Sacrifice, and Narrative: Balzac, Zola, and Faulkner ebook cover
Reflecting on Nana ebook cover
Zola ebook cover