French Ebooks

Poetics of the Iconotext ebook cover
French Connections in the English Renaissance ebook cover
Region, Religion and English Renaissance Literature ebook cover
Olivier Messiaen: Journalism 1935-1939 ebook cover
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Globalizing the Postcolony ebook cover
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Image and Imagination: Picturing the Old French Epic ebook cover
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Napoleonic Friendship ebook cover
$35.10 $37.99
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Mimesis in a Cognitive Perspective: Mallarme, Flaubert, and Eminescu ebook cover
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Stael's Philosophy of the Passions: Sensibility, Society and the Sister Arts ebook cover
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The End of Oulipo?: An attempt to exhaust a movement ebook cover
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Stone Dream ebook cover
Christian, Saracen and Genre in Medieval French Literature ebook cover
Marriage Fictions in Old French Secular Narratives, 1170-1250 ebook cover
Albert Camus: From the Absurd to Revolt ebook cover
Genius in France: An Idea and Its Uses ebook cover
Novels of Flaubert: A Study of Themes and Techniques ebook cover
The Novels of Worldliness: Crebillon, Marivaux, Laclos, Stendhal ebook cover
LaMettrie's L'Homme Machine ebook cover
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Creating Albert Camus: Foundations and Explorations of His Philosophy of Communication ebook cover
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Ecocritical Approaches to Literature in French ebook cover
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Racine's Mid-Career Tragedies ebook cover
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The Other Rise of the Novel in Eighteenth-Century French Fiction ebook cover
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Mourning Glory: The Will of the French Revolution ebook cover
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State Power, Stigmatization, and Youth Resistance Culture in the French Banlieues ebook cover
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