Gender Studies Ebooks

Prisoners of Poverty: Women Wage-Workers, Their Trades and Their Lives ebook cover
Prisoners of Poverty Abroad ebook cover
Popular Culture, Political Economy and the Death of Feminism ebook cover
Some Reflections Upon Marriage ebook cover
The Works of Hrotsvit of Gandersheim ebook cover
Emotions, Politics and War ebook cover
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Gender, Race, and Sudan's Exile Politics: Do We All Belong to This Country? ebook cover
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New Imaginaries: Youthful Reinvention of Ukraine's Cultural Paradigm ebook cover
Identity and Networks: Gender and Ethnicity in a Cross-Cultural Context ebook cover
A Reversal of Fortunes?: Women, Work, and Change in East Germany ebook cover
Women as Sacred Custodians of the Earth?: Women, Spirituality and the Environment ebook cover
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Family-Friendly Policies and Practices in Academe ebook cover
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The Civilian War: Confederate Women and Union Soldiers during Sherman's March ebook cover
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Unclenching Our Fists: Abusive Men on the Journey to Nonviolence ebook cover
$8.00 $9.99
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Haunting Images: A Cultural Account of Selective Reproduction in Vietnam ebook cover
$28.60 $34.95
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Men Still at Work: Professionals Over Sixty and On the Job ebook cover
$33.25 $41.00
The Changing Face of Representation ebook cover
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Rastafari Reasoning and the RastaWoman ebook cover
$34.00 $41.99
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Pixar's Boy Stories: Masculinity in a Postmodern Age ebook cover
$22.85 $28.00
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Portrayals of Children in Popular Culture: Fleeting Images ebook cover
$34.00 $41.99
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Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics ebook cover
$24.60 $29.95
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Women and Islam: Myths, Apologies, and the Limits of Feminist Critique ebook cover
$32.45 $39.99
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Dying Unneeded: The Cultural Context of the Russian Mortality Crisis ebook cover
$7.55 $9.99
It Takes Team Effort: Men and Women Working Together to Enhance Children's Lives ebook cover