General Algebra Ebooks

The Application of Group Theory in Physics ebook cover
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Practical Linear Algebra, A Geometry Toolbox ebook cover
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Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis for Statistics ebook cover
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Lineability: The Search for Linearity in Mathematics ebook cover
Computational Aspects of Polynomial Identities: Volume l, Kemer's Theorems, 2nd Edition ebook cover
Groups St Andrews 2013 ebook cover
Classical Groups, Derangements and Primes ebook cover
Logic and Algebra ebook cover
$370.25 $390.00
Elements of Linear Algebra ebook cover
Exceptional Lie Algebras ebook cover
Nilpotent Orbits In Semisimple Lie Algebra: An Introduction ebook cover
Modules and the Structure of Rings: A Primer ebook cover
Linear Algebra, Rational Approximation and Orthogonal Polynomials ebook cover
$236.45 $255.00
Composition Operators on Function Spaces ebook cover
Synthetic Geometry of Manifolds ebook cover
Dynamics, Statistics and Projective Geometry of Galois Fields ebook cover
Schaum's Outline of Mathematical Handbook of Formulas and Tables, 4th Edition ebook cover
$18.55 $21.00
The Early Iron Industry of Furness and Districts ebook cover
Introduction to Number Theory, 2nd Edition ebook cover
Factorization of Boundary Value Problems Using the Invariant Embedding Method ebook cover
Numerical Methods in Computational Mechanics ebook cover
The Elements of Advanced Mathematics, Fourth Edition ebook cover
Semigroups: An Introduction to the Structure Theory ebook cover
$275.45 $290.00
Abstract Algebra: A Comprehensive Treatment ebook cover