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American Literature in Context: 1865-1900 ebook cover
American Literature in Context: 1830-1865 ebook cover
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Rhetorics of Religion in American Fiction ebook cover
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Summary of Luckiest Girl Alive: by Jessica Knoll | Includes Analysis ebook cover
William Faulkner, William James, and the American Pragmatic Tradition ebook cover
$21.85 $24.95
Blacklegs, Card Sharps, and Confidence Men ebook cover
$17.60 $19.95
War No More: The Antiwar Impulse in American Literature, 1861-1914 ebook cover
$15.90 $17.95
No More Heroes: Narrative Perspective and Morality in Cormac McCarthy ebook cover
$21.85 $24.95
Wild Blessings: The Poetry of Lucille Clifton ebook cover
$17.60 $19.95
Normans and Saxons ebook cover
$23.20 $24.95
The Great Big Doorstep: A Novel ebook cover
$11.65 $12.95
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The Musical Novel ebook cover
$51.60 $64.99
The Glenbuchat Ballads ebook cover
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From Burke and Wordsworth to the Modern Sublime in Chinese Literature ebook cover
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Folded Selves: Colonial New England Writing in the World System ebook cover
$7.45 $7.99
Voice of the Oppressed in the Language of the Oppressor ebook cover
Inventing Americans in the Age of Discovery: Narratives of Encounter ebook cover
The Political Thought of Henry David Thoreau: Privatism and the Practice of Philosophy ebook cover
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The Latest Early American Literature ebook cover
$69.30 $94.99
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Literary Friends and Acquaintances ebook cover
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Slavery, Philosophy, and American Literature, 1830-1860 ebook cover
The Colonizer Abroad ebook cover
The Legacy of the Wisecrack: Stand-Up Comedy as the Great American Literary Form ebook cover
Hemingway on Politics and Rebellion ebook cover