General American Ebooks

Charles Bukowski, Outsider Literature, and the Beat Movement ebook cover
Leadership and Organization (RLE: Organizations): A Behavioural Science Approach ebook cover
The Life of Ezra Pound ebook cover
Balancing the Books: Faulkner, Morrison and the Economies of Slavery ebook cover
Feminist Theory Across Disciplines: Feminist Community and American Women's Poetry ebook cover
Motherhood and Representation: The Mother in Popular Culture and Melodrama ebook cover
Introduction to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Technique ebook cover
Three Radical Women Writers ebook cover
Mark Twain ebook cover
Remembering the Harlem Renaissance ebook cover
Pablo Neruda and the U.S. Culture Industry ebook cover
Ladies Laughing: Wit as Control in Contemporary American Women Writers ebook cover
Edith Wharton as Spatial Activist and Analyst ebook cover
Ethical Diversions ebook cover
A Country in the Mind: Wallace Stegner, Bernard DeVoto, History, and the American Land ebook cover
Jewish American Literature since 1945: An Introduction ebook cover
Ecstasy of the Beats: On the Road to Understanding ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99
Travel and Drugs in Twentieth-Century Literature ebook cover
Signs of the Signs: The Literary Lights of Incandescence and Neon ebook cover
$79.30 $99.50
Whole Oceans Away: Melville and the Pacific ebook cover
$41.15 $54.99
After Translation: The Transfer and Circulation of Modern Poetics Across the Atlantic ebook cover
Quiet Testimony: A Theory of Witnessing from Nineteenth-Century American Literature ebook cover
Inventing the Language to Tell It: Robinson Jeffers and the Biology of Consciousness ebook cover