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Apocalypse and Post-Politics: The Romance of the End ebook cover
$34.80 $42.99
Black No More ebook cover
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John Neal and Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture ebook cover
$75.75 $94.99
A Route 66 Companion ebook cover
$18.85 $21.95
Someone has to set a bad example: An Anne Taintor Collection ebook cover
Profiles in Canadian Literature 7: Volume 7 ebook cover
$6.80 $7.99
Flannery O'Connor's Dark Comedies: The Limits of Inference ebook cover
$16.10 $17.95
The Intellectual in Twentieth-Century Southern Literature ebook cover
$22.15 $24.95
Literary Modernism and Beyond: The Extended Vision and the Realms of the Text ebook cover
$17.00 $18.95
Resisting History ebook cover
$16.10 $17.95
Faulkner and the Discourses of Culture ebook cover
$17.85 $19.95
Ghost-Watching American Modernity: Haunting, Landscape, and the Hemispheric Imagination ebook cover
American Metempsychosis: Emerson, Whitman, and the New Poetry ebook cover
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Inventing the Holy Land: American Protestant Pilgrimage to Palestine, 1865-1941 ebook cover
$66.40 $82.99
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Imagining Modernity in the Andes ebook cover
$58.55 $72.99
Mentoring Your Memoir ebook cover
The Routledge Concise History of Science Fiction ebook cover
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No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger ebook cover
$20.60 $24.95
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Elmer Kelton: : Essays and Memories ebook cover
$13.20 $15.95
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Political Writings ebook cover
$23.55 $30.00
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Pynchon's Against the Day: A Corrupted Pilgrim's Guide ebook cover
$75.75 $94.99
Trillin on Texas ebook cover
$18.90 $22.00