General Ancient Ebooks

The World's Oldest Church: Bible, Art, and Ritual at Dura-Europos, Syria ebook cover
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Constantine and the Captive Christians of Persia ebook cover
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Livari Skiadi ebook cover
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The Neolithic Settlement ebook cover
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Soul Mentoring: Discover the Ancient Art of Caring for Others ebook cover
Forbidden Texts on the Western Frontier ebook cover
Biblical Interpretation Beyond Historicity ebook cover
The Fall of Cities in the Mediterranean ebook cover
Healing Magic and Evil Demons: Canonical Udug-hul Incantations ebook cover
The Emperor Commodus: God and Gladiator ebook cover
Cultural Identity in the Roman Empire ebook cover
The Four Stages of Rabbinic Judaism ebook cover
Plutarch and the Historical Tradition ebook cover
Greek Drama and Dramatists ebook cover
The Late Roman World and Its Historian: Interpreting Ammianus Marcellinus ebook cover
Domination and Resistance ebook cover
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The Two Eyes of the Earth: Art and Ritual of Kingship between Rome and Sasanian Iran ebook cover
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Peasant and Empire in Christian North Africa ebook cover
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Material Connections in the Ancient Mediterranean: Mobility, Materiality and Identity ebook cover
The Prehistory of Asia Minor ebook cover
Cleopatra: A Sphinx Revisited ebook cover
$50.25 $57.95
The Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity: Ad 395-700 ebook cover
The Megaliths of Northern Europe ebook cover