General Ancient Ebooks

Epic Lessons: An Introduction to Ancient Didactic Poetry ebook cover
Pilgrims and Pilgrimage in Ancient Greece ebook cover
Julian's Gods: Religion and Philosophy in the Thought and Action of Julian the Apostate ebook cover
Sparta and Lakonia: A Regional History 1300-362 BC ebook cover
The Jews Among Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire ebook cover
Ruling Roman Britain ebook cover
Latin for the Illiterati, Second Edition: A Modern Guide to an Ancient Language ebook cover
The Persian Empire: A Corpus of Sources from the Achaemenid Period ebook cover
Sociogenetic Perspectives on Internalization ebook cover
Dissidence and Literature Under Nero: The Price of Rhetoricization ebook cover
Cognition in Human Motivation and Learning ebook cover
Christianity in the Land of the Pharaohs: The Coptic Orthodox Church ebook cover
Intimate Couple ebook cover
The Roman Remains of Southern France: A Guide Book ebook cover
Ancient Near East: The Basics ebook cover
Students Catullus: Third Edition ebook cover
Florida's First People: 12,000 Years of Human History ebook cover
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New Kingdom Royal City ebook cover
The Anglo-Saxon Age ebook cover
Greek and Latin Literature of the Roman Empire: From Augustus to Justinian ebook cover
Collapse and Recovery of the Roman Empire ebook cover
The Sieges of Alexander the Great ebook cover
From the Ptolemies to the Romans ebook cover