General Ancient Ebooks

Gateway of the Gods ebook cover
$13.35 $14.95
Makers of Ancient Strategy: From the Persian Wars to the Fall of Rome ebook cover
The Curse of Ham: Race and Slavery in Early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam ebook cover
Myth Into Art: Poet and Painter in Classical Greece ebook cover
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Merovingian Mortuary Archaeology and the Making of the Early Middle Ages ebook cover
$67.30 $85.00
Apocalyptic Bodies: The Biblical End of the World in Text and Image ebook cover
Emperors and Gladiators ebook cover
Magic in the Roman World: Pagans, Jews and Christians ebook cover
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Theodosian Empresses: Women and Imperial Dominion in Late Antiquity ebook cover
$27.45 $33.95
Roman Architecture ebook cover
Greek and Roman Technology ebook cover
Manichaean Texts from Roman Empire ebook cover
Roman Epic ebook cover
Thucydides and the Peloponnesian War ebook cover
The Knossos Labyrinth: A New View of the `Palace of Minos' at Knossos ebook cover
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What's Wrong with Democracy?: From Athenian Practice to American Worship ebook cover
$22.75 $27.95
Ancestral Geographies of the Neolithic ebook cover
Racializing Jesus: Race, Ideology and the Formation of Modern Biblical Scholarship ebook cover
Rome, the Greek World, and the East ebook cover
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Masada Myth: Collective Memory and Mythmaking in Israel ebook cover
$12.45 $14.95
Goddess and the Warrior ebook cover
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The Matter of the Gods: Religion and the Roman Empire ebook cover
$28.25 $34.95
The Nubian Past: An Archaeology of the Sudan ebook cover
The Roman Historians ebook cover