General Chemistry Ebooks

Bio-based Wood Adhesives: Preparation, Characterization, and Testing ebook cover
Contemporary Phytomedicines ebook cover
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The Chemistry of Polymers ebook cover
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Communication and Power Engineering ebook cover
The African and Arabian Moringa Species ebook cover
$209.85 $225.00
Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms ebook cover
Drug Repositioning: Approaches and Applications for Neurotherapeutics ebook cover
Alloys and Intermetallic Compounds: From Modeling to Engineering ebook cover
Theoretical Modeling of Organohalide Perovskites for Photovoltaic Applications ebook cover
Environmental Problems in Marine Biology: Methodological Aspects and Applications ebook cover
Studies in Natural Products Chemistry: Bioactive Natural Products ebook cover
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Organic Chemist's Desk Reference, Third Edition ebook cover
Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Concrete: A World Review ebook cover
CRC World Dictionary of Palms ebook cover
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Handbook of Ion Sources ebook cover
$397.75 $419.00
Revival: Computer Chemistry (1989) ebook cover
Basics of Ecotoxicology ebook cover
Revival: Biological Effects of Low Level Exposures to Chemical and Radiation (1992) ebook cover
Plastic Deformation of Nanostructured Materials ebook cover
Ecotoxicity of Chemicals to Photobacterium Phosphoreum ebook cover
Comprehensive Membrane Science and Engineering ebook cover
$1,564.75 $1,650.00
Handbook of Environmental Analysis ebook cover
Industrial Applications of Marine Biopolymers ebook cover
Bent-Shaped Liquid Crystals: Structures and Physical Properties ebook cover