General Courts Ebooks

Expounding the Constitution ebook cover
The Magistrates' Court: An Introduction (Fifth Edition) ebook cover
Cultural Difference on Trial: The Nature and Limits of Judicial Understanding ebook cover
American Criminal Courts: Legal Process and Social Context ebook cover
How to Win Your Case in Traffic Court Without a Lawyer ebook cover
Speaking Secrets of the World's Superstar Lawyers ebook cover
Judicial Review of Elections in Asia ebook cover
Judging in the Islamic, Jewish and Zoroastrian Legal Traditions ebook cover
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The Progeny ebook cover
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The Legal Order of the European Union: The Institutional Role of the Court of Justice ebook cover
The Puzzle of Unanimity: Consensus on the United States Supreme Court ebook cover
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A First Amendment Profile of the Supreme Court ebook cover
$29.25 $35.99
The Sentence of the Court: A Handbook for Magistrates ebook cover
Introduction to the Family Proceedings Court ebook cover
Introduction to the Magistrates' Court ebook cover
The Congressional Black Caucus, Minority Voting Rights, and the U.S. Supreme Court ebook cover
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Keeping the Faith: A Cultural History of the U.S. Supreme Court ebook cover
$22.05 $26.99
The Doctrine of Judicial Review: Its Legal and Historical Basis and Other Essays ebook cover
Kadi on Trial: A Multifaceted Analysis of the Kadi Trial ebook cover
Freedom of Expression ebook cover
The Business of the Supreme Court: A Study in the Federal Judicial System ebook cover
Drug Courts: In Theory and in Practice ebook cover
The Supreme Court on Trial ebook cover
Exploring the Vitality of Stare Decisis in America ebook cover