General Criminal Law Ebooks

Juvenile Justice in Double Jeopardy: The Distanced Community and Vengeful Retribution ebook cover
The Rehnquist Court and Criminal Punishment ebook cover
The Impact of Scientific Evidence on the Criminal Trial: The Case of DNA Evidence ebook cover
Criminal Procedure and Sentencing ebook cover
Perceptions of Criminal Justice ebook cover
Binding Men: Stories About Violence and Law in Late Victorian England ebook cover
Transforming Criminal Justice?: Problem-Solving and Court Specialisation ebook cover
The Insanity Defense ebook cover
Critical Approaches to International Criminal Law: An Introduction ebook cover
Banks: Fraud and Crime ebook cover
Towards a System of European Criminal Justice: The Problem of Admissibility of Evidence ebook cover
Law and the Politics of Memory: Confronting the Past ebook cover
The Legal Philosophy and Influence of Jeremy Bentham ebook cover
Following the Proceeds of Environmental Crime: Fish, Forests and Filthy Lucre ebook cover
False Justice: Eight Myths that Convict the Innocent, Revised Edition ebook cover
Marine Insurance Fraud ebook cover
Incitement in International Law ebook cover
Crime, Reason and History: A Critical Introduction to Criminal Law ebook cover
A Great Trial in Chinese History ebook cover
Human Rights and the Criminal Justice System ebook cover
Police Investigative Interviews and Interpreting: Context, Challenges, and Strategies ebook cover
Logical Investigative Methods ebook cover
International Law Documents Relating To Terrorism ebook cover
Restorative Justice: Ideals and Realities ebook cover