General Criminal Law Ebooks

Flawed Forensics: The Splatt Case and Stewart Cockburn ebook cover
Lacey, Wells and Quick Reconstructing Criminal Law ebook cover
Interviewing and Interrogation for Law Enforcement ebook cover
The Shadow of a Crime: A Cumbrain Romance ebook cover
Racial Criminalization of Migrants in the 21st Century ebook cover
Young Offenders and the Law ebook cover
Comparative Criminal Justice and Globalization ebook cover
Codification, Macaulay and the Indian Penal Code ebook cover
Criminal Law Reform and Transitional Justice: Human Rights Perspectives for Sudan ebook cover
Self-Defence in International and Criminal Law: The Doctrine of Imminence ebook cover
Criminal Investigation: Law and Practice ebook cover
Crime and Justice in America: An Introduction to Criminal Justice ebook cover
Introduction to Criminal Justice ebook cover
Crime, Courtrooms and the Public Sphere in Britain, 1700-1850 ebook cover
Persisters and Desisters in Crime from Adolescence into Adulthood ebook cover
Participation in Crime: Domestic and Comparative Perspectives ebook cover
Locating Deviance: Crime, Change and Organizations ebook cover
Penal Culture and Hyperincarceration: The Revival of the Prison ebook cover
Obstructive Marketing ebook cover
Dirty Assets: Emerging Issues in the Regulation of Criminal and Terrorist Assets ebook cover
Controversies in Innocence Cases in America ebook cover
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The Rehnquist Court and Criminal Justice ebook cover
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The Death Penalty: Constitutional Issues, Commentaries, and Case Briefs ebook cover
Miscarriages of Justice: Actual Innocence, Forensic Evidence, and the Law ebook cover