General Criminal Law Ebooks

Pervasive Prevention: A Feminist Reading of the Rise of the Security Society ebook cover
International Criminal Justice: Law and Practice from the Rome Statute to Its Review ebook cover
Classics in Environmental Criminology ebook cover
Remorse: Psychological and Jurisprudential Perspectives ebook cover
Judging State-Sponsored Violence, Imagining Political Change ebook cover
Exploring the Boundaries of International Criminal Justice ebook cover
Exploring Courtroom Discourse: The Language of Power and Control ebook cover
Casino Security and Gaming Surveillance ebook cover
Loss of Control and Diminished Responsibility ebook cover
The Ashgate Research Companion to Biosocial Theories of Crime ebook cover
International Human Rights Law and Domestic Violence ebook cover
The Content and Context of Hate Speech ebook cover
Of Crimes and Punishments ebook cover
Most Deserving of Death?: An Analysis of the Supreme Court's Death Penalty Jurisprudence ebook cover
Policing in Hong Kong ebook cover
Mental State Defences in Criminal Law ebook cover
Prison Violence: Causes, Consequences and Solutions ebook cover
Animal Harm: Perspectives on Why People Harm and Kill Animals ebook cover
Policing Cooperation Across Borders ebook cover
American Criminal Courts: Legal Process and Social Context ebook cover
Governing through Crime in South Africa ebook cover
Language in the Negotiation of Justice: Contexts, Issues and Applications ebook cover
The Anxiety of the Jurist: Legality, Exchange and Judgement ebook cover
Capital Punishment: New Perspectives ebook cover