General Criminal Law Ebooks

Pocket Guide to Crime Scene Photography ebook cover
Cold Case Homicides: Practical Investigative Techniques, Second Edition ebook cover
Legal Violence and the Limits of the Law: Cruel and Unusual ebook cover
Female Offenders and Reentry: Pathways and Barriers to Returning to Society ebook cover
Trends in the Judiciary: Interviews with Judges Across the Globe, Volume Three ebook cover
Resistance and Transitional Justice ebook cover
The Rise of Big Data Policing: Surveillance, Race, and the Future of Law Enforcement ebook cover
Self-Made Madness: Rethinking Illness and Criminal Responsibility ebook cover
Russian and Post-Soviet Organized Crime ebook cover
Kafka's Indictment of Modern Law ebook cover
Amnesties, Pardons and Transitional Justice: Spain's Pact of Forgetting ebook cover
Private Security and the Law, 5th Edition ebook cover
Ethics and the Practice of Forensic Science, Second Edition ebook cover
Technocrime and Criminological Theory ebook cover
International Practices of Criminal Justice: Social and legal perspectives ebook cover
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Youth, Crime, and Justice: Learning through Cases ebook cover
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Genetic Testing and the Criminal Law ebook cover
The Structure and Limits of Criminal Law ebook cover
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Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice ebook cover
Global Perspectives on Crime Prevention and Community Resilience ebook cover
Handbook of Court Administration and Management ebook cover
$323.80 $341.00
The Gang Life: Laugh Now, Cry Later: Suppression and Prevention ebook cover
Criminal Justice in Hong Kong ebook cover
The International Criminal Court and the Crime of Aggression ebook cover