General Development Ebooks

Beyond the Sociology of Development: Economy and Society in Latin America and Africa ebook cover
Urban Social Movements in the Third World ebook cover
Assembling for Development: The Maquila Industry in Mexico and the United States ebook cover
The Idea Agent: The Handbook on Creative Processes ebook cover
Globalization in Crisis ebook cover
The Paradigm of International Social Development ebook cover
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Introducing Entrepreneurship: A Practical Guide ebook cover
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The Political Economy of the European Constitution ebook cover
Participatory Development in Kenya ebook cover
Human Development in Iraq: 1950-1990 ebook cover
Thirty Years of China's Reform ebook cover
Politics and Markets in Rural China ebook cover
Transformation Audit 2011: From Inequality to Inclusive Growth ebook cover
$21.65 $24.70
Experiments in Achieving Water and Food Self-Sufficiency in the Middle East ebook cover
Creating Opportunities for Change and Organization Development in Southern Africa ebook cover
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Small Change, Big Deal: Money as if people mattered  ebook cover
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Strategy for Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Surviving Declining Demand and China's Global Development
The Political Economy of Underdevelopment ebook cover
Trade and Developing Countries ebook cover
The Global Economic Crisis in Latin America: Impacts and Responses ebook cover
Poltiical Change in the Third World ebook cover
Urbanisation in the Developing World ebook cover
Proletarianisation in the Third World ebook cover