General Economics Ebooks

Decision Sourcing: Decision Making for the Agile Social Enterprise ebook cover
Corporate Risk and Governance: An End to Mismanagement, Tunnel Vision and Quackery ebook cover
Economics in Russia: Studies in Intellectual History ebook cover
The Irrational Consumer: Applying Behavioural Economics to Your Business Strategy ebook cover
Heads or Tails ebook cover
Competitiveness in the Real Economy ebook cover
Religions as Brands: New Perspectives on the Marketization of Religion and Spirituality ebook cover
An Integral Approach to Development Economics: Islamic Finance in an African Context ebook cover
Anglican Confirmation: 1662-1820 ebook cover
Integral Development ebook cover
The New Natural Resource: Knowledge Development, Society and Economics ebook cover
Time Series Analysis and Adjustment ebook cover
Regional Economics ebook cover
Industrial Poverty: Yesterday Sweden, Today Europe, Tomorrow America ebook cover
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The Agro-Technological System towards 2000: A European Perspective ebook cover
Integral Polity: Integrating Nature, Culture, Society and Economy ebook cover
Soviet Economic Thought and Political Power in the USSR ebook cover
Policy Reform in Developing Countries ebook cover
Macroeconomic Impacts of Energy Shocks ebook cover
From Local Patriotism to a Planetary Perspective ebook cover
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The Tyranny of Silence ebook cover
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The Social Life of Money ebook cover
Handbook of Media Economics, vol 1A ebook cover
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Handbook of Media Economics, vol 1B ebook cover
$144.85 $155.00