General Ethnic Studies Ebooks

Chinese Economists on Economic Reform - Collected Works of Zhou Xiaochuan ebook cover
Japan and the Contemporary Middle East ebook cover
Cultural Identity in the Roman Empire ebook cover
The Changing Face of Japanese Retail ebook cover
Law, Labour and Society in Japan: From Repression to Reluctant Recognition ebook cover
Technological Capabilities and Export Success in Asia ebook cover
International Human Resource Management in Chinese Multinationals ebook cover
Remaking Chinese Urban Form: Modernity, Scarcity and Space, 1949-2005 ebook cover
Japanese-Soviet/Russian Relations since 1945: A Difficult Peace ebook cover
Organized Crime and Corruption in Georgia ebook cover
Intellectuals in the Modern Islamic World: Transmission, Transformation and Communication ebook cover
Political Business in East Asia ebook cover
Market and Society in Korea: Interest, Institution and the Textile Industry ebook cover
Development Aid to Nepal ebook cover
Globalization and the Gulf ebook cover
Discovering the Real America: Toward a More Perfect Union ebook cover
Law, Policy, and Practice on China's Periphery ebook cover
Counterterrorism Policies in Central Asia ebook cover
Family Planning in the Legacy of Islam ebook cover
Japanese Working Class Lives: An Ethnographic Study of Factory Workers ebook cover
The Future of Foreign Investment in Southeast Asia ebook cover
Security and Sustainable Development in Myanmar ebook cover
The Courts of Pre-Colonial South India: Material Culture and Kingship ebook cover
God and Humans in Islamic Thought: Abd Al-Jabbar, Ibn Sina and Al-Ghazali ebook cover