General Ethnic Studies Ebooks

Disputed Territories: The Transnational Dynamics of Ethnic Conflict Settlement ebook cover
Rethinking Social Capital and Entrepreneurship in Greater China ebook cover
Democracy, Development and Decentralization in Provincial Thailand ebook cover
Turkish-Azerbaijani Relations: One Nation-Two States? ebook cover
Russia's Relations with Kazakhstan ebook cover
Religious Violence and Conciliation in Indonesia: Christians and Muslims in the Moluccas ebook cover
China's Approach to Central Asia: The Shanghai Co-operation Organisation ebook cover
Treaty Ports in Modern China: Law, Land and Power ebook cover
China's Changing Economy: Trends, Impacts and the Future ebook cover
Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Taiwan ebook cover
Lifestyle Media in Asia: Consumption, Aspiration and Identity ebook cover
State Propaganda in China's Entertainment Industry ebook cover
Singapore: Negotiating State and Society, 1965-2015 ebook cover
Education and Society in Bhutan: Tradition and modernisation ebook cover
Mobile and Entangled America(s) ebook cover
Corporate Strategy in Post-Communist Russia ebook cover
American Narratives: Multiethnic Writing in the Age of Realism ebook cover
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Public Space, Public Policy, and Public Understanding of Race and Ethnicity in America ebook cover
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Tantric Mantras: Studies on Mantrasastra ebook cover
Atomic Bomb Cinema: The Apocalyptic Imagination on Film ebook cover
Voice of the Oppressed in the Language of the Oppressor ebook cover
China's Second Capital - Nanjing under the Ming, 1368-1644 ebook cover
Daoism in Japan: Chinese traditions and their influence on Japanese religious culture ebook cover