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Historical Dictionary of Brussels ebook cover
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The Dreyfus Affair in French Society and Politics ebook cover
The Constitutional Monarchy in France, 1814-48 ebook cover
Sacral Kingship Between Disenchantment and Re-enchantment ebook cover
From Caesar to the Mafia: Persons, Places and Problems in Italian Life ebook cover
Jean Bodin ebook cover
Movement, Exchange and Identity in Europe in the 2nd and 1st Millennia BC ebook cover
An American Spectator in Paris ebook cover
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Spy Chiefs: Volume 2: Intelligence Leaders in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia ebook cover
European Union Military Operations: A Collective Action Perspective ebook cover
Mediating Power-Sharing: Devolution and Consociationalism in Deeply Divided Societies ebook cover
Drugs, Daydreaming, and Personality: A Study of College Youth ebook cover
Jews in Weimar Germany ebook cover
Revival ebook cover
Fascism and the Masses: The Revolt Against the Last Humans, 1848-1945 ebook cover
Managing Northern Europe's Forests ebook cover
De Gaulle, Israel and the Jews ebook cover
The Europeanisation of National Administrations ebook cover
The Playing Fields of Eton: Equality and Excellence in Modern Meritocracy ebook cover
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The Crime of My Very Existence: Nazism and the Myth of Jewish Criminality ebook cover
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Dissimulation and the Culture of Secrecy in Early Modern Europe ebook cover
$24.60 $29.95
Racial Discrimination: Institutional Patterns and Politics ebook cover
The 1972 Munich Olympics and the Making of Modern Germany ebook cover
$30.60 $34.95
A European Life ebook cover