General Europe Ebooks

New Regionalism or No Regionalism?: Emerging Regionalism in the Black Sea Area ebook cover
Modernity and Bourgeois Life ebook cover
Calvinists and Catholics during Holland's Golden Age ebook cover
Buried Cities: Mycenea ebook cover
Memory and Representation in Contemporary Europe: The Persistence of the Past ebook cover
Mobility and Place: Enacting Northern European Peripheries ebook cover
Media Discourse and the Yugoslav Conflicts: Representations of Self and Other ebook cover
Memory and Commemoration in Medieval Culture ebook cover
The Short, Strange Life of Herschel Grynszpan ebook cover
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The Modern World-System IV: Centrist Liberalism Triumphant, 1789-1914 ebook cover
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Counting Our Blessings ebook cover
$11.50 $12.99
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The Limits of Alliance: The United States, NATO, and the EU in North and Central Europe ebook cover
$26.50 $32.99
New Approaches to Naples c.1500-c.1800: The Power of Place ebook cover
Enduring the Great War ebook cover
Probate Inventories of French Immigrants in Early Modern London ebook cover
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War, Pacification, and Mass Murder, 1939: The Einsatzgruppen in Poland ebook cover
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Violence and the State in Languedoc, 1250 1400 ebook cover
Space in the Medieval West: Places, Territories, and Imagined Geographies ebook cover
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Friend or Foe: Friendly Fire at Sea 1939-1945 ebook cover
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With 6th Airborne Division in Palestine 1945-1948 ebook cover
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Castiglione's Allegory: Veiled Policy in The Book of the Courtier (1528) ebook cover
The History of the Knights Templars, the Temple Church, and the Temple (Illustrated) ebook cover
Crusading and Warfare in the Middle Ages ebook cover
The Origins of Modern Polish Democracy ebook cover