General Europe Ebooks

Religion and Politics in the Age of the Counterreformation ebook cover
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The end of the lake-dwellings in the Circum-Alpine region ebook cover
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The Bell Beaker Transition in Europe ebook cover
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The Long Aftermath: Cultural Legacies of Europe at War, 1936-2016 ebook cover
The Islamic Challenge in Europe ebook cover
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The New World Architecture ebook cover
Idealism beyond Borders ebook cover
Portraits of Hope: Armenians in the Contemporary World ebook cover
The Megalithic Architectures of Europe ebook cover
Seats of Power in Europe during the Hundred Years War ebook cover
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The Polish Orthodox Church in the Twentieth Century and Beyond: Prisoner of History ebook cover
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What Manner of Man Is This?: The Duke of Windsor's Years in The Bahamas ebook cover
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Reforming Reformation ebook cover
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Strangers Nowhere in the World: The Rise of Cosmopolitanism in Early Modern Europe ebook cover
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Neolithic Houses in Northwest Europe and beyond ebook cover
Early Modern Emotions: An Introduction ebook cover
The Urie and Maunsell Cylinder 4-6-0s ebook cover
A Medieval Manor House Rediscovered ebook cover
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Islam in Denmark: The Challenge of Diversity ebook cover
$75.00 $94.00
Penury into Plenty: Dearth and the Making of Knowledge in Early Modern England ebook cover
Romanticism, Medicine, and the Poet's Body ebook cover
Political Finance and Corruption in Eastern Europe: The Transition Period ebook cover
Wisdom in Early Confucian and Israelite Traditions ebook cover
Governance, Growth and Global Leadership ebook cover