General Europe Ebooks

A Genealogy of Public Security: The Theory and History of Modern Police Powers ebook cover
Culture, Ideology and Politics (Routledge Revivals): Essays for Eric Hobsbawm ebook cover
Rome Spreads Her Wings: Territorial Expansion Between the Punic Wars ebook cover
Fascist Interactions: Proposals for a New Approach to Fascism and Its Era, 1919-1945 ebook cover
Imperial College Sports Grounds and RMC Land, Harlington ebook cover
Summary of One of Us: by Asne Seierstad | Includes Analysis ebook cover
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The Executioner's Journal: Meister Frantz Schmidt of the Imperial City of Nuremberg ebook cover
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The Ingenious Victorians: Weird and Wonderful Ideas from the Age of Innovation ebook cover
Fortified Settlements in Early Medieval Europe ebook cover
Financial Markets and Foreign Direct Investment in Greater China ebook cover
A History of Modern Shanghai Banking ebook cover
Japan and the Politics of Techno-globalism ebook cover
Franklin D.Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln ebook cover
The Great Encounter ebook cover
The EU, Strategy and Security Policy: Regional and Strategic Challenges ebook cover
New Perspectives on European Women's Legal History ebook cover
Gender and Political Culture in Early Modern Europe, 1400?1800 ebook cover
German Night Fighters Versus Bomber Command 1943-1945 ebook cover
Radio and the Politics of Sound in Interwar France, 1921-1939 ebook cover
The Nisibis War: The Defence of the Roman East AD 337-363 ebook cover
The Inter-War Crisis ebook cover
People's History and Socialist Theory (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
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The Curious Humanist: Siegfried Kracauer in America ebook cover
$28.60 $34.95
The Bear Watches the Dragon ebook cover