General European Ebooks

Greek Literature in the Classical Period ebook cover
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Memory and Identity in the Narratives of Soledad Purtolas ebook cover
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Claude Simon ebook cover
Death and the Optimistic Prophecy in Vergil's AENEID ebook cover
Hans Christian Andersen: The Misunderstood Storyteller ebook cover
Reason and Religion in Clarissa ebook cover
Economies of Representation, 1790-2000: Colonialism and Commerce ebook cover
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Manolis Anagnostakis: Poetry and Politics, Silence and Agency in Post-War Greece ebook cover
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The Universal Vampire: Origins and Evolution of a Legend ebook cover
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History and National Ideology in Greek Postmodernist Fiction ebook cover
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Irishness and Womanhood in Nineteenth-Century British Writing ebook cover
Hellenism and Loss in the Work of Virginia Woolf ebook cover
Radical Pastoral, 1381-1594: Appropriation and the Writing of Religious Controversy ebook cover
International Bohemia: Scenes of Nineteenth-Century Life ebook cover
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Beyond Babar: The European Tradition in Children's Literature ebook cover
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The Persistence of Allegory: Drama and Neoclassicism from Shakespeare to Wagner ebook cover
The Cambridge Introduction to Franz Kafka ebook cover
The Cambridge Companion to the Literature of Paris ebook cover
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Melville and the Visual Arts: Ionian Form, Venetian Tint ebook cover
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Arras Hanging: The Textile That Determined Early Modern Literature and Drama ebook cover
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Character and Conflict in Jane Austen's Novels: A Psychological Approach ebook cover
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Legacies of Romanticism: Literature, Culture, Aesthetics
Literature, Aesthetics, Landscape: Literature, Culture, Aesthetics
Children's Culture and the Avant-Garde: Painting in Paris, 1890-1915
Painting in Paris, 1890-1915: Painting in Paris, 1890-1915
Carnivalizing Difference: Bakhtin and the Other ebook cover