General European Ebooks

Gender and Utopia in the Eighteenth Century: Essays in English and French Utopian Writing ebook cover
TransArea: A Literary History of Globalization ebook cover
Languages of the Night ebook cover
Nietzsche: The Meaning of Earth ebook cover
$56.20 $70.00
The Influence of the European Culture on Hemingway's Fiction ebook cover
$56.20 $70.00
State Power, Stigmatization, and Youth Resistance Culture in the French Banlieues ebook cover
$58.95 $79.50
The Cambridge Companion to Boccaccio ebook cover
Transformations of Knowledge in Dutch Expansion ebook cover
From Comic Strips to Graphic Novels ebook cover
The Boundaries of Europe: From the Fall of the Ancient World to the Age of Decolonisation ebook cover
Bringing Down the House: The Crisis in Britain's Regional Theatres ebook cover
Arcimboldo's Serious Jokes: "Mysterious but Long Meaning" ebook cover
Cabins in Modern Norwegian Literature: Negotiating Place and Identity ebook cover
$60.10 $75.00
The Humanist Comedy ebook cover
The Letters of Vincent van Gogh: A Critical Study ebook cover
$15.90 $27.95
Greek Literature in the Byzantine Period: Greek Literature ebook cover
Greek Literature in the Roman Period and in Late Antiquity: Greek Literature ebook cover
Relating Narratives: Storytelling and Selfhood ebook cover
Bodily Pain in Romantic Literature ebook cover
Greek Literature in the Classical Period ebook cover
The Gothic Ideology ebook cover
$109.65 $138.75
The Twilight of the Gothic: Vampire Fiction and the Rise of the Paranormal Romance ebook cover
$103.70 $131.03
What's Queer about Europe?: Productive Encounters and Re-enchanting Paradigms ebook cover
"If Then the World a Theatre Present..." ebook cover